January 26, 2017

How to Find a Trainer for a New Puppy

Now that you’ve found a Veterinarian for your new pup and have discovered the items that your new family member will need let’s move on to getting some training. This training will be for you, your new pup and the entire family. Your new family member is going to be with you for several years and so consider training to be an investment. Let’s make the next several years a truly fun and loving experience for everyone.

Like People, Dogs With Bad Manors are Not Much Fun To Be Around

You would never think of not training your children to behave  and socialize with all those that they come into contact with. Think of all the times that you’ve come into contact with a puppy or older dog with bad manners. They’re dragging their parent down the street, barking at other dogs, jumping on all that come near them. All these behaviors can be avoided if they are addressed early on. You owe it to yourself, your pet and all those around you to have a well-behaved pup.

The Loved Dog method of training by Tamar Geller is much more analogous to coaching for you and your puppy. Your puppy will be treated as the wonderful gift that he or she is and you both will have fun with this innovative method. Should you decide to do some shopping around you will find that there is no shortage of those that call themselves “dog trainers”. You owe it to yourself to carefully review their methods as well as their credentials.

Sadly, Most Anyone Can Call Themselves a “Dog Trainer”

Sadly, most anyone can call himself or herself a “dog trainer”. Try to talk to them and to their clients and have a list of prepared questions regarding their training methods. Do they incorporate prong collars in their training? Will they use e-collars? Are there any follow up sessions offered with a package of training lessons? Can the trainer offer any nutritional recommendations for your puppy? Both prong and choke collars provide a painful approach to training. A prong collar is made of metal and when you pull on the puppy leash it tightens around the neck and drives the metal links into the neck. They’re pretty inhumane and frightening. Choke collars are not any better. They too are made of metal and inflict pain. When the leash is pulled, the choke collar goes into action by tightening around your puppy’s neck and constricting the airway and compresses the jugular vein. OUCH!!!

Although an e-collar or prong/choke collar can bring about the desired action from your puppy you should fully understand what they do. An e-collar uses an electric current and gives your puppy a painful shock. Of course they can injure your puppy by inflaming and irritate the neck. Of course, there’s also the long -term emotional pain to consider for each of the collars mentioned. The Loved Dog method never uses these types of collars even for aggressive behavior.

Tamar’s Puppy Training Empowers Self Correction, While Having Fun.



In this video, Tamar demonstrates that she understands all dogs and lovingly approaches the issue that your puppy may be going through and corrects it by allowing your pup to learn by empowering them to mindfully self correct while having fun. Training sessions can include nutritional recommendations if requested and follow up training sessions can be included with some packages. All of these resources don’t have to be reserved for just puppies. You may have had your pet for a while and are now feeling the need for some training for specific reasons or just general training. You may have adopted a mature or older dog with issues that need to be addressed so that you can all have a happier life together.

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution to training your Loved Dog.

Tamar Geller totally understands that your puppy is unique and will customize her sessions or puppy vacations to your needs and the needs of your puppy. Tamar will spend time with you and your puppy to find out what your daily life is like and how to make certain that your puppy can adjust to that lifestyle and schedule. You’ll both learn how to be the best you can be for each other and those around you.

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