November 22, 2016

How to Train a Puppy to Get Down

Puppies love nothing more than being as close to you as possible whenever they get the chance. Being humans, our faces are a lot higher than dogs’ faces are, which makes them want to jump to get closer to you. Though this behavior can be charming at first, it is not one that should be encouraged.

Here’s how to keep all four paws on the ground where they belong and some tips on how to train a puppy.


Know the Difference Between “Down” and “Off”

One of the biggest issues is using the wrong command when you want a puppy not to jump. Use the command “off” for getting a puppy off of you after jumping, getting her off furniture, and when the pup is jumping at a door or fence, and you want him to stop.

Use “down” when you want the dog to lie down on the floor or go lie down on his bed.

How to Teach the “Off” Command

When you are beginning to train a puppy not to jump up, one of the least confrontational ways is to turn your back immediately when the dog jumps on you. Give the “off” command as you do this, and then follow it up with a “sit” command. Give verbal praise and a treat when the puppy gets it right.

A puppy makes it pretty clear when she is about to jump on you. When you see him coming, raise your knee BEFORE the pup makes contact with you, using the “off” command as you do so.

When it comes to how to train a puppy to get down, it’s as easy as knowing the difference between “down” and “off” and using both commands in the correct context.

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